Breakthrough: How To Finally Succeed at PCOS Weight Loss & Get The Healthy Body You Want

What to do when spartan diets, boot camp exercise regimes & everything else has failed dismally. 


Ready to start your successful PCOS weight loss journey? It's time!

In the next 31-days, you'll discover why what you've been told about PCOS weight loss is completely wrong... and why your most determined efforts can result in abstract failure.

In this step-by-step program we're going to transform how you eat, change how you move and revolutionise how you achieve permanent, glorious and healthy fat loss.


In 31 days we're going to transform how you approach PCOS weight loss and revolutionise your actions and results!

Dr. Rebecca Harwin

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    • The principal of Healthy Interiors discusses toxins

 - Melissa Wittig
    • Weight loss using hypnosis - Clinical hypnotherapist, Jenet Kirby
    • Resilience - Resilience expert, Stacey Copas
    • PCOS meditation - with Reiki Master and meditation expert, Rosalind Sansbury
    • My favorite 10-minute daily meditation audio


$776 $37

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Hi, I'm Dr Rebecca Harwin,

If you're currently overweight and suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, I have a VERY important message for you...

But first...

  • Have you tried different ways to treat your PCOS but not found anything that works?
  • Do you feel helpless or unmotivated by the lack of results you've achieved so far?
  • Have you been told by 'so-called' industry professionals that no such PCOS treatment exists?

If you answered 'yes' to ANY of the above questions, then keep reading...

I'm about to reveal a common absolute reality to you today… and one misleading detrimental myth.

Let's start with the reality…

Most women with PCOS try to lose weight but just plain fail… And if they do succeed, unfortunately, it doesn't stop there…

They end up gaining all that excess weight back on, and then some.

When they re-gain all that excess weight, their PCOS symptoms get worse.

Generally, greater weight adds additional stress and exhaustion to their body, causing even more demands on their overall health.

When this happens to an already existing PCOS sufferer, the syndrome can:
  • Stop ovulation and cause infertility
  • Cause low self-esteem, depression and isolation
  • Produce or worsen acne(social anxiety may sometimes arise from this).
  • Cause embarrassing excessive hair growth
  • Create tiredness and exhaustion
  • Increase the risk of fatal diseases like heart disease and diabetes (and increase your future child's risk of heart disease, diabetes & PCOS)
  • Contribute to mood swings
  • Cause energy slumps
  • Complicate pregnancy
  • Reduce your overall quality of life
  • ...And create other unwanted symptoms that arise as a result
To add to the already complex symptoms above, here's a few startling facts about PCOS:
  • The relative risk for women who gain at least 4 BMI (body mass index) units between pregnancies are 1.55 higher for stillbirth than a women who didn't gain that extra weight, and 1.29 higher for infant mortality.
  • The chance of heart attack is already four to seven times higher in women with PCOS

Now for the Myth…

Losing weight and conquering your PCOS recovery is NOT impossible, unattainable or unreal in any way.

In fact, PCOS recovery is very achievable, even predictable, once you know how.

There are three types of PCOS Sufferers:
  1. Those who don't know how to treat it.
  2. Those who know but DON'T apply it.
  3. Those who know what to do and APPLY it.

After I reveal my PCOS natural treatment methods with you, I'm hoping you fall into the third category.

Let me explain…

I used to suffer PCOS myself. Starting at 95kgs, I tried every possible method under the sun. From dieting to exercise to different forms of therapy and everything in between. I tried and failed and failed again.

Long story short, after constant and continuous persistence, trial and error, hard work, endless research and more trial and error, I finally discovered how to treat PCOS, and break FREE from its discouraging unhealthy symptoms.

I lost a total of over 27kg (including 10 kg in just 10 weeks once I really cracked the code), and have kept it off ever since.

To prove the effectiveness of my methods, I tested them on other women who were suffering from PCOS (some even longer than myself) and the results were outstanding.

My methods successfully helped them turn their life around and break free from the unhealthy symptoms they were suffering.

Here's What Others Had to Say…

"Results to be proud of…"

The 31 day plan has been so helpful and I love it. I followed the plan minus the chiropractor/acupuncture the first round. With the plan and exercise I have lost 20lbs. I had a full menstrual cycle in January after not having one for almost a year. I feel the PCOS dairy and the daily email contacts helped me stay focused on my goal to have a baby and conquer my PCOS. The meals/menu options are tasty. I loved the smoothies and desserts the best! I chose to repeat the plan and followed it again.

I have followed the plan for the last 3 months and it is still working well. I am maintaining the weight loss, along with losing another 10lbs. The chiropractor is a great plus as it has helped with my lower back pain. My endocrinologist for my diabetes has reduced my medicine! Thank you for introducing me to the 31 day Plan for PCOS!

Yolanda B, North Carolina, USA

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PCOS treatment doesn't have to be hard.

I couldn't help but share these methods with others… and this led me to create my life changing PCOS blueprint called…

The 31 Day PCOS - Weight Loss Program

This is my complete PCOS recovery and weight loss action plan that covers every single aspect of PCOS, its related remedies and solutions.

Laid out systematically over 31 days, each day you'll receive an email revealing the very best tips, methods and scientifically proven strategies that will help you lose your excess weight and conquer your PCOS forever.

The scientific evidence based principles in this program are what differentiate it from other weight loss programs on the market today.

To make The 31 Day PCOS Weight Loss Program extremely effective, I've specifically designed it with the exact guides and tools you need for maximum results.

Here's What You Get…


Daily coaching emails covering weight loss tips, tricks and proven strategies. These emails contain information demonstrated to naturally and effectively boost your fat loss. Staying connected through daily emails is a major advantage to helping you achieve success on your journey towards a PCOS symptom-free lifestyle.

These emails contain information demonstrated to naturally and effectively shed your fat loss.

Most participants find the missing piece to their puzzle that makes the big difference in their life.


1 Week Meal Plan, Recipes and Shopping List...

This resource has been created specifically for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome who wish to lose weight. It enables you to use exactly as is, or swap meals in and out to suit your preferences.


A simple step-by-step guide to easily track and successfully implement your food intake and activity, and to apply the proven strategies designed to significantly reduce - even completely eliminate - your PCOS.


In my twenty plus years helping women conquer their PCOS, I've found this essential factor can make the difference between success and failure. You must find and fix this common PCOS problem (it's usually missed) to more easily shed stubborn fat.


The simple proven strategies to permanently eliminate this fat creating and storing problem, naturally.


Discover the foods that are great for PCOS. This special list reveals which foods are high in Omega 3 fats, magnesium, chromium, protein, and iodine, all critical for successful PCOS weight loss!


One of the most important factors in achieving results and sustaining weight loss is support. A safe space, other women who understand what you're going through, and a place to gain further information and resources. Our closed forum provides this. Gain access to this Facebook forum and benefit from the help you need without your friends and family seeing your posts.


Interviews with PCOS experts including Dr. Gretchen Kubacky, Psy.D., Melissa Wittig, Dr. Rebecca Harwin, Clinical hypnotherapist Jenet Kirby and more.


I'm tired of seeing women struggle with PCOS and want you to help me make a difference for millions of women - just like us - around the globe. You'll get the opportunity to extend a free membership to a friend. Yes, at no cost.


For a limited time only, you can join The 31 Day PCOS Weight Loss Program and receive all the bonuses plus special reports, and discover everything you need to enjoy a PCOS symptom-free body, and life.

I truly understand what it's like to suffer from overweight and obesity and the PCOS signs and symptoms it brings. I also known what it's like to not… To STOP this syndrome permanently ruining your figure and your health.

I look forward to hearing your PCOS weight loss success stories and the wonderful health (and fertility!) changes it brings!


Dr Rebecca Harwin
The PCOS Expert
Chiropractor & Bestselling Author of Conquer Your PCOS Naturally


P.S. Wondering about our refund policy?

This program is likely different from any other you've tried or considered. It is backed by life long dedication to clinical success, mixed with research, compassion and, on my part, personal experience. I understand how PCOS can strip the life from a sufferer and I know how to succeed against it.

With this in mind, the decision has been made to pay it forward. To offer this program at a tiny price to make it accessible to everyone. Rather than a payment, this a donation so that I can support the work of others and get the word out about PCOS and how to thrive. With your help, I want to change the lives of millions.

What does this mean?

I can't offer refunds. I know these are frequent across the internet and you may wonder why? It is simply this: This investment is so low that it won't pay for staff. Yes, you will gain access to a closed Facebook forum with other women with PCOS to support and guide you. The changes I've seen in my patients with PCOS is remarkable. I've helped women shed unwanted, unhealthy fat, to have babies, to live a life they love. This program is of high quality. I hold back nothing.

And once you're in, you're in. You're part of our community. You'll get the opportunity to extend a free membership to a friend. But, no, there are and will not be any refunds.

If you want the ultimate shortcut to treating your PCOS without the stress, false promises and costly maintenance programs, then secure your spot in my proven 31 Day PCOS Weight Loss Program Now...

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No thanks, I'll continue the trial-and-error with my treatment and hope for the best.