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Write For Us?

Yes! We do accept bylined ‘how to’ articles and opinion pieces for our website and our newsletter Conquer Your PCOS.

We also publish daily Facebook and Twitter PCOS and related health strategies, insights, tools, and research and experience from journals, articles and other researchers and health experts.

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Bylined articles (approximately 400-1,000 words in length) written in an educational, engaging and easy-to-read style and conveying valuable how-to content (practical advice, actionable steps and strategies, and valuable know-how) and insight in a fresh, conversational voice are more likely to meet Conquer Your PCOS Naturally’s standards – and so are more likely to be accepted for publication. As examples, refer to the following three articles:

  1. PCOS and Poor Sleep? 9 Proven Steps To Better Zzzz’s
  2. PCOS and Hypothyroidism – the Common, Potentially Devastating Link
  3. 6 Top Steps to Reduce Oestrogen Dominance

We will inform you if your article is accepted for publication. You can expect to hear from us within approximately one week of our having received your email. If we choose not to accept your article, however, you may or may not hear from us. This will depend on how swamped our inbox is. If your article is not accepted, please feel free to submit a further article at a future time.

Articles accepted for publication may be edited for clarity and readability and to conform to the Conquer Your PCOS Naturally style. We may alter your title, too, so you may wish to suggest some alternatives. We do this to boost search engine optimisation (SEO) and readability, to ensure your article reaches a larger audience.

So, if you are interested in joining our expert contributors on all things health and PCOS – as either a one-time writer or on a regular basis – here are some guidelines:

  1. Articles must be original to you, the writer, and unpublished anywhere else.
  2. Articles/posts should offer our audience clear advice, useful and practical tips and strategies, or add valuable insight into their health and understanding about specific PCOS approaches, signs and symptoms or female health topics. Other general important health topics will also be considered, other than solely male specific, non-fertility related topics. Bullet points are great. Wordiness and lack of clarity is not.
  3. You may wish to list two or three bullet points at that start of your article that summarise its key learnings. They may be published along with the article.
  4. Please include a short bio of at most 50 words, plus a recent headshot.
  5. Include relevant links (in brackets following the link). If you wish to hyperlink certain words, please underline these, followed by the link in brackets.  Please do not embed these links.
  6. Please submit articles in Word format (no PDF files), as email attachments. If this is not an option, you may write the article in the email body.
  7. If you submit an article that mentions a business or identity in which you have a vested interest, you must divulge this to our audience. We reserve the right to omit these details.
  8. The author retains copyright for their piece, however Conquer Your PCOS Naturally may reprint your article, with full attribution, in Conquer Your PCOS Naturally products, including marketing materials.
  9. We do not as part of the normal process, pay guest contributors for their occasional articles. However, if you have a large following, this may be negotiable.

Send byline submissions to our Article Director, David Harwin at Include the email subject line as: Conquer Your PCOS byline contribution. We may have other articles in line ahead of yours, so publication of your article, once accepted, may take some time.

We look forward to working with you,

Kind regards,

The CYPN team x