Breakthrough System

Finally, You Can Get All Your Nutrient Packed Superfoods Easily!

And Do Away With The Shopping, Blending, Juicing, and Messy Clean Up That Used To Come With Getting Healthy!

30-Day Supply


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Benefits of the Kyani Health Triangle

In Just Seconds Per Day, You Can Turbocharge Your Body and Mind, Reinvigorate Your Energy, and Rediscover Radiant Health!

Saves Time

Helps boost energy

Supports cognitive function

Increases cellular support

Promotes relaxation

Supports immune function

Encourages healthy digestion

Promotes joint flexibility and comfort

Helps maintain normal blood sugar

Heart healthy

Ingredients in the Kyani Health Triangle

Wild Alaskan Blueberries

Due to the harsh growing conditions of Alaska, Wild Alaskan Blueberries have at least 10x higher antioxidant levels than the common blueberry.


This gorgeous fruit helps to support cardiovascular health. Plus, its polyphenols have potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


Well loved in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to boost relaxation, regular consumption of this potent herb may enhance your quality of life and reduce fatigue.


Rich in the vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E, and K, plus the minerals, magnesium, manganese, iron, and folate, this gorgeous green salad vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse.


Wolfberry (also known as goji) displays antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects, crucial for optimal health in modern life.


This tropical fruit has been shown to significantly increase antioxidant capacity and possess anti-inflammatory benefits, too.


Kale is an incredible member of the Brassica family. Containing vitamins A, B6, C, and K, the minerals magnesium, iron, and calcium, as well as fibre, it is a must-consume vegetable.

Panax Ginseng

This Asian herb has been traditionally used to enhance cognitive function, improve concentration, boost memory, aid physical stamina, and as a general wellbeing tonic.

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Wild fish contains the omega 3 fatty acids required for optimal brain, heart and neurological health, without the toxins associated with farmed fish.

Annatto oil

Annatto can help you fight against ill health with antimicrobial properties against potentially harmful bacteria like Bacillus cereus, Clostridium perfringens, and Staphylococcus aureus.


The tasty coconut contains much needed healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids. The ability to enhance joint function and support cardiovascular health are amongst its benefits.

Noni Fruit

The magnificent noni fruit is a potent high-antioxidant superfruit that's been used in folk medicine for an eon. Research shows a multitude of benefits, with cellular repair topping the list.

30-Day Supply


100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


"These products have changed my world" 

20yrs Old & 4 knee surgeries down. These products have changed my world, I went from being a complete sceptic to taking the products religiously day in day out; this is my testimony.

I started taking the full range of products around a year after my fourth surgery. Sick of the aching and swelling that lingered in my body I was willing to try anything. After 8 months of convincing from my sister in law I finally decided to say yes to a 30 day trial.

Two weeks in and I started to see incredible results; it was the first time since I was 14 that I had woken up being able to feel and see my knee caps with no swelling. Little did I know this was just the start of some great results; my sleep had drastically improved with great focus and energy each day. The products had helped cut out my snacking of bad foods throughout the work day and blew my performances in Personal Training sessions out of the water! Not to mention the recovery, hard sessions with being able to wake up the next morning feeling fresh and ready to go again. 

A lot of people do not realise the topical benefits of the products either; with my bruising from high contact sports disappearing in 1-2 days verses a week to 2 weeks and the clearing of blocked sinuses and ear aches, to the healing of cuts/burns! I cannot rate these products high enough, I live and breathe them! They have enabled my body to go back to playing the sports that I love!

Nakia Bayliss

"Within… weeks I had forgotten to take my pain meds and anti-inflammatories"

Almost 5 years ago, I was involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries to my neck and shoulder. Compressed C2 and C3 in my neck lead to nerve damage, causing reduced use of my right arm/hand, limited movement in turning my head and inflammation. I was on anti-inflammatories, pain killers and seeing a physio 2-3 times a week and doing Iyenga yoga once a week for pain management. I had cortisone injections, dry needling and acupuncture among other procedures with minimal if any relief.

2.5 years later I was introduced to Kyani. Expecting increased energy levels - being a Mum of 5 kids and running a business, I was surprised to find that within a few short weeks I had forgotten to take my pain meds and anti-inflammatories, I hadn't taken them for 2 weeks as the pain was too minimal to prompt me. Soon after, I was no longer requiring my regular physio appointment and have not been back to my sessions or on the meds or anti-inflammatories since.

I found I was no longer napping on the couch, I had the endurance to last the day until late at night, yet fell asleep easily and slept well, despite being woken during the night by our baby, I felt well rested when I woke up. I have a better quality of life thanks to Kyani triangle of health!

Danielle Loxton

"I have just gone over 2 years without having a day off work sick!" 

Two years ago I was introduced to the Kyani nutritional products. I was at a point in regard to my health that I was using a significant range of vitamins, minerals with little results, under the guidance of a complementary therapist. I was still exhausted, fatigued, had no energy, gaining weight, mentally I was stressed and anxious, sleeping poorly, waking up feeling no better in the morning. I was desperate to change things. 

I have turned my things around with the help of Kyani. I have energy to do activities with my children, I sleep more soundly, I wake refreshed, even before my alarm, I am significantly less stressed and less anxious, I don't wake up worrying! Life's good! 

And I have just gone over 2 years without having a day off work sick! Update March 2018 - these products are truly life changing, it's been 2.5 years and I haven't had a sick day from work, despite significant stressors in life as well as often being surrounded by sick people, never underestimate the value of health, live life to the fullest, you can't put a dollar value on your health!

Tracy Harrip

"I am feeling better than I have in so many years"

In consultation with my GP I began taking the triangle of health shortly after the birth of my son (now 2 years). Note that I was only taking one sunset capsule as recommended by my GP because of the high Vitamin A content. Any new mums should consult their GP's too. I noticed a change in how I felt within days. However, in the two short months after I started taking Kyani the health benefits continued to increase. Benefits that have been a godsend as a new mum! These include (but are not limited to):

  • better quality sleep even when sleep is disrupted! I wake feeling   more rested than I ever have 
  • more energy and mental clarity
  • increased breast milk production and less tiredness associated with producing milk
  • reduced hair loss (as a result of hormones) and an increase in new hair growth
  • healthy skin and nails
  • less inflammation and pain in my feet (I have suffered from plantar fasciitis since my son was born. Some days I could barely walk).
  • excellent immune function for myself and bubs. Whilst other mums & bubs around me have been plagued with all sorts of viral complaints we have avoided them all and I can only put this down to Kyani's excellent nutrition
  • I have friends who are also taking Kyani and have noticed reduced emotional stress levels associated with being a new mum and the change of life that goes with it all.

I am feeling better than I have in so many years and am so grateful to Kyani for their incredible products.

Lynden Francis-Wright

"… noticed huge differences in my everyday life" 

I am a teacher and a mother of 3 young children. I was introduced to some amazing whole foods supplements when I was looking to improve my health and wellness. 

I didn't have any major health issues but wanted to live a healthier lifestyle to set an example for my kids and be a more active mother. I am someone who tends to worry a fair bit which leads to a stiff neck and shoulders and quite often angry outbursts. I have also suffered from episodes of low mood on and off for many years. 

Since taking these natural supplements I have noticed huge differences in my everyday life. The stiffness in my neck and shoulders has disappeared (no more massages needed but still appreciated), I am less stressed and able to deal with whatever life throws at me easier. I have less angry outbursts. I am able to exercise more and ride further on my bike than I could before and have great recovery from hard workouts. I chipped some cartilage off my knee skiing 18 months ago which hurt when I tried to jog – but that has now gone as well. 

My immunity has also improved greatly. I went through the whole of last winter without so much as a cold even though everyone else around me had been sick (including most of the students at school). I didn't think this supplement was going to change much in my life but it has changed my whole life. I feel like a different person to who I was 8 months ago!

Melanie Benson

"I am now a healthy active mother wife and friend!"

In 2013 I suffered from a post Partum Psychosis after having my first baby - I was placed under the mental health act and transferred to a mental health facility for 13 days. Once discharged I was left with crippling low moods and worry that was keeping me awake. 

I wasn't sleeping and was generally not a functioning mother. I would walk the hallway all night between kids rooms and lay on the lounge all day trying to recover! Once I started Kyani, I noticed a shift in my motivation. I started to want to get outside again, I began to take the kids to the park more and go for walks, slowly increasing till I was walking every morning.

I had an increase in energy, and my mood had improved. After joining bootcamp, I started to increase my Xtreme which made a huge difference to my workouts, I started to lose some weight, which increased my motivation again and also my endurance and stamina. I was finishing my workouts before others and still feeling I had more to give. 

I've noticed muscle definition and massive strength boost and mood shift and general wellbeing. I'm still up several times a night but am able to get up most days before 6 and function the entire day without barely even sitting on the lounge.

Thanks to Kyani, I am now a healthy active mother wife and friend!!

Carmel Donaldson

"… still compete and win against guys 10 or 20 years younger." 

Today in Dallas, I won and set race records in both the "sprint" and "vertical mile" stair climbing events up the Reunion Tower. The sprint was 1 climb, and the vertical mile - 12 climbs (totalling 1 mile). 

The races included some of the top stair climbers in the USA. At 47 years of age - I shouldn't be winning races on a national level. But thanks to our amazing products - I can. 

Thank you to Bernie Purcell for introducing me to the triangle of health 1 year ago. My increased energy, reduced lactic acid build up and improved recovery, allow me to still compete and win against guys 10 or 20 years younger.

Terry Purcell

"Hay Fever Free!" 

It's been two years since I needed to take an anti-histamine tablet or injections for hay fever. Taking the the Triangle of Health has really helped me make a lifestyle change from being a chronic hay fever sufferer to no hay fever at all! 

It's amazing what results you can achieve by simply trying the three simple and easy to use products.

Sean Akom

Adding potent superfoods is key to enhancing your wellbeing and happiness. But before the Kyani Health Triangle, it was impossible to get the unique, scientifically formulated blend this incredible trio offers...

And if you tried yourself? It was expensive, time-consuming, and simply less effective. If you are a juicer like I used to be... ah, thank goodness I no longer need to deal with that mess!

If you want to get and stay well, the Kyani Health Triangle is the ideal solution.

30-Day Supply


100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Ever heard of a supplement company offering a money back satisfaction guarantee? No... It's as rare a hen's teeth.

But, when you've got a phenomenal product that's already changed the lives of thousands of people, it makes sense.

Kyäni offers a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase (less shipping charges) on all products.

Just return all used and unused products to Kyäni. Once received, Kyäni's Distribution Center will process all returns and refunds within 30 days after receipt of the product.

There's everything to gain, risk-free.

30-Day Supply


100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Any questions? We'd love to help. Simply email us on 

[email protected]  and we'll get back to you soon.

Product Guarantees & Returns

United States Residents: Kyäni offers a one hundred percent (100%) money-back satisfaction guarantee for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase (less shipping charges) on all products purchased by Customers who reside in the United States. Customers must return all used and unused products to Kyäni. Once received Kyäni's Distribution Center will process all returns and refunds within thirty days after receipt of the product.

  • Customers within the United States have a period of three working days from the date of purchase in which to withdraw from the contract without penalty (except for the cost of returning the product) and without giving any reason.
  • All charitable donations, including Potato Paks, are final and nonrefundable.