The Complete Food Blueprint:

Ready to learn the food secrets for a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome body beautiful?
  • Experience boundless energy to bounce through your day
  • Regain control over your PCOS symptoms and live well
  • Enjoy a healthy body you adore and the confidence and
    freedom you deserve
Foods can restore a healthy period, manage symptoms and create a body beautiful
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, also called PCOS, is a common hormonal problem that causes menstrual cycle irregularities, polycystic ovaries and high male hormone.  This can lead to a raft of horrible signs and symptoms, yet most health professionals simply don't know the right advice to give.
Poor food choices can contribute to weight gain. The wrong foods can trigger insulin resistance and inflammation, two factors that play crucial roles in PCOS. I call them "drivers" because they drive this syndrome and its signs and symptoms.

The wrong diet can: 
✔️ Halt ovulation and cause infertility
✔️ Lower self-esteem, depression and isolation
✔️ Cause embarrassing excessive hair growth
✔️ Give rise to acanthosis nigricans and skin tags
✔️ Increase the risk of deadly diseases like heart disease and diabetes
✔️ Lead to tiredness and exhaustion
✔️ Contribute to mood swings
✔️ Cause sudden, untimely energy slumps
✔️ Complicate pregnancy
✔️ Produce or worsen acne
✔️ Reduce quality of life

...And create other unwanted symptoms
The shortcuts to a body beautiful are found within specific foods
To make the right choices and to diminish the risk of serious illness and symptoms women with PCOS need to know about food. What choices will boost health? What choices lead down the slippery slope towards symptoms, signs and deadly disease?
Yet, women with PCOS find it almost impossible to find the right info. Am I right? 
I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve heard statements like…

I can't seem to figure out what foods work for me without going to an extreme.”

“I'm insulin resistant and the doctors don’t know what kind of diet I should be on.”

“I’ve tried almost everything, but nothing works. Or if it does, I just can’t stick to it and gain it all back and more.”
"I can't seem to figure out 
what foods work for me 
without going to an extreme.",
Many women with PCOS ask their doctor about the right food choices. With a flick of the hand, they are waved away or told to “just eat less and exercise.” Yes, I was given that spiel, too...
But how can the building blocks of the body and brain not matter?
You’re right, it makes absolutely no sense at all. The science agrees; these building blocks are crucial. They are, in fact, part of the PCOS playbook of undiscovered answers…

Instead, women usually get prescribed a pill or two: The oral contraceptive is a staple even though it has been shown to cause insulin resistance. If they want to have a baby? See a gynaecologist.

Yet they are not given the advice that matters!
Imagine how much better life could be with the right answers and advice!

Imagine experiencing boundless energy, clear glowing skin, and a gorgeous, healthy body that you adore. Periods that are regular and comfortable. A self-confidence that continues to grow. That's the focus of a body beautiful: A life that thrives!

Never again hide under makeup or baggy clothes or worry about others criticising food choices. Always say "Yes!" to a swim or a run.

Live life on your terms!

In this blueprint, I share the exact foods that guided me into PCOS remission. 

You'll be able to instantly see which foods are brimming with nutrient-rich healing compounds. Know exactly where to find specific vitamins or minerals. Understand how to combine foods to maximise health...

Have ready access to expert resources that support spot-on decisions every time…

It's time to delight in delish foods, calm cravings and emotional eating, and quit forcing healthy but tasteless ingredients into your mouth because you have to

Amazing, right?
"The information is invaluable and has provided me with the answers, insight and support that others could not... essential for anyone with PCOS, and should be compulsory reading for every GP.”

- Jodie Barendsen
Ballarat, Australia
"In general as a person, I feel amazing living that way. I have sung your praises to all of my friends with PCOS. I can’t ever thank you enough – but thank you."


Food Secrets for a PCOS Body Beautiful
Love a sneaky peak?
Cheatsheet: 38 food hacks you need to know to restore health and calm the symptoms of PCOS. Vibrant foods for a vibrant life!
Ever asked yourself if eating bananas is allowed on a PCOS diet? In this report, I discuss the surprising pros and cons.
Keto? Paleo? High protein? Discover the truth about exactly how much protein a women with PCOS should eat.
Healthy nutrients list: Want to know which foods are high in what nutrients? It's in this compact resource.
Low glycaemic index list: Easy printable list that shows low glycaemic index foods, at a glance.
PDF: The  PALM method for a PCOS body beautiful. A quick guide to portion size. Perfect advice for eating out!
PCOS body beautiful food plan: 7-day recipe, food plan, shopping list. Gorgeous recipes perfect for PCOS.
Superfoods eBook: Learn the foods that supercharge health + 22 delish smoothie recipes!
Report: Want to know if soy is a blessing or the devil? The great soy debate answers this question.
PLUS… five new bonuses!
The PCOS Diary eBook: Track your food, exercise and symptoms to maximise success.
Report: Discover the supplements I recommend for PCOS and wellbeing. (I take 6 and 8).
Module: Learn how cravings and emotional eating can be addressed, naturally. 
3 x worksheets:

Are you addicted to sugar?
Food and mood links?
Body obstacles?
My personal recipe stash:

2 x dozen PCOS-friendly chef-designed recipes! They are so secret, these PDF's come as-is, without design, because I haven't shared them before. They are delish!
Get everything for a teeny $27!

Hi, I’m Dr Rebecca.

I’m a Chiropractor and lifestyle expert who is focused solely on helping women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Oh, and I’m the bestselling author of Conquer Your PCOS Naturally.

I used to suffer from PCOS, too. I tried almost every method under the sun. From diet to exercise to different forms of therapy and everything in between. I tried and failed, and failed again.

Long story short… I finally discovered how to gently calm my PCOS and break FREE from its discouraging symptoms.

I shed stones from my size. I restored a regular menses, after no natural cycle for 15 years (yes, fifteen)! My testosterone re-tuned from high to normal. My skin is free from blemishes and excessive hair. I no longer have polycystic ovaries.

If I walked into a doctor’s office today, I would no longer receive a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I am, in essence, PCOS free.

Food has been a crucial key to freedom.

I studied health at University for eight years and hold three health science degrees. I have 10 years of clinical expertise under my belt. I’ve spent $10,000s on attending health conferences and years researching. And I’ve used myself as a guinea pig to uncover the foods that support women with PCOS, and those that harm. The right choices have paved the way for a healthier, happier tomorrow for myself and my patients. And helped many to achieve and maintain an ideal weight.

And I want to share this life-changing information with you.

"I have noticed a change in both my mood and energy in just the past three weeks. I feel now that I have the power to control my body, instead of continuing to let my body control me."

- Stacy Miller
Raleigh, USA
"... So thank you again you have helped another PCOS sufferer achieve a miracle."

- Tennille Brownsey QLD, Australia
💖 Want to achieve and maintain a body beautiful
💖 Are finished fumbling about with trial and error
💖 Are tired of being told to "just eat less and exercise more"
💖 Wish for your every day to become easier, energised and enjoyable
💖 Want to learn which foods help and which ones hinder
💖 Are prepared to put in some effort
💖 Will implement what you learn
💖 Want to live life to its fullest
💎 Want to go all-in
❌ Won't implement what you learn
❌ Don’t see how your actions can have positive impacts
❌ Would rather continue as you are (change is required)
❌ Prefer the pill-alone option
❌ You really don’t believe food is therapy
❌ Are not open
❌ Will find it too difficult to eat a little differently to others
"As cliche as this sounds, Dr Rebecca has changed my life. Coming across Rebecca is something that I will always be thankful for. And what she has done with her life has and will continue to bring quality back to all the people who thought their life would always be hard."

- Alexandra Murray
England, UK
"Millions of women use medications on a daily basis to control their PCOS issues. They want to go natural but don’t know-how. This will help women understand how they can control their PCOS naturally."

- Pamela Pelletier

After years of struggling with the symptoms of PCOS and a complete lack of interest from your average doctor, we are so excited that Joshy has arrived safe and healthy.”

- Rhiannon
"I had a full menstrual cycle in January on my own. I have more energy. I feel The PCOS Diary... helped me stay focused on my goal to have a baby and conquer my PCOS. The meals/menu options are tasty. I was able to prep my meals in advance to stay on track."

- Yolanda

I’m a woman who’s received a PCOS diagnosis, just like you. I understand the concerns associated with purchasing a digital product. You might have done this before and not received the value you needed.

I have a decade of clinical experience and know just how important trustworthy, evidence-based resources are. I only create products designed to deliver results. I know anyone who invests and implements will love, love their purchase.

Because I believe in this wholeheartedly in this product, I’m offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. While I can’t guarantee individual results, I can assure your satisfaction with the content and the quality of Food secrets for a PCOS body beautiful.

If you’re not thrilled, I will refund your money. 
When do I get access to my resources?
Super quickly! We'll send you an email soon after purchase so you can get started promptly.
How long do I have access?
What if I can't access PDF files?
They are yours to use forever. We've been around since 2011 and will provide access for our lifetime. You are in great hands.
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Should I try Paleo? Keto?  Low carb?
If I had a dollar for every time I am asked this question! While these diets may help short term, the long term health consequences appear dire...

High-protein and high-fat diets both increase insulin resistance, which as we’ve just talked about is linked to PCOS and disease…

Keto can trigger short-term symptoms like constipation, dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, trouble tolerating exercise… known as the keto flu. Long-term it can lead to a fatty liver (which is already more common in PCOS), kidney stones, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Even more worrisome, studies involving 10s of 1000s of women have revealed that a low-carbohydrate diet based on animal sources increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cancer and all other causes.
What if I really need some emotional support?
I know that making change can be challenging. If you'd like support, come join our beautiful Facebook group. I'll send you the link after you've purchased. We'd love to see you there!
Will this bundle stay the same teeny price?
No. Helping women with PCOS is my purpose and my passion so I keep our products as affordable as possible, always. Sadly, tech, support and other costs don't stay still. So I am not able to give a price guarantee into the future.
How do I make the most of this?
Take action. 😊 Seriously, implementing what you learn may change your life. Saying that we are all on a unique journey. You don't have to implement everything today. Slow or fast, progress is wonderful progress. Whatever your pace, commit to daily action and your results will inspire further steps.
Can you guarantee results?
While it would be lovely, if anyone ever guarantees you results in the health field, run a mile. We are each so different it is both impossible to do and unethical to suggest. Results depend on your commitment, too.
What if I change my mind?
If you change your mind and feel this isn't right for you, we stand by our 100% money-back guarantee. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase. Easy done. If you feel comfy doing so, I'd love to know why so we can continue to improve our products and deliver the very best.
It's time to get started because we each deserve to live a life we love!
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