PCOS and Painful Sex: Top 5 Tips To Ease Dyspareunia, Naturally

PCOS and Painful Sex?

If you are suffering, it’s important to know that painful sex (or dyspareunia) has proven remedies. But first…

There is really only one instance when sex being painful is not cause for alarm; that is when a woman loses her virginity or is abstinent for several months and returns back to sex. Any other time she has serious discomfort, it’s not something to take lightly. Sex—for both men and women—should be a wonderful and pleasurable experience. If this is not the case, no one should “suffer” in silence.

Yet that is exactly what can happen to women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

pcos and painful sex


PCOS and painful sex are, sadly, a common combination in women. The technical term for painful intercourse is dyspareunia. Although dyspareunia is not a disease within itself, it’s oftentimes attributed to a variety of medical conditions like fibroids, urinary tract infections (UTIs), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), vaginal dryness and, yes, PCOS.

If you’re currently experiencing PCOS and painful sex (including pain while thrusting or pain during certain sexual positions) and there is no known contributing cause, it’s important that you do not self—or online—diagnose what is going on with you. Make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible.

If you happen to have PCOS, and dyspareunia as a direct result, while the news can be disappointing it doesn’t mean there aren’t proven remedies for your situation.

Dyspareunia Remedies

PCOS and painful sex don’t have to be bedfellows. Here are our top 5 tips for easing the pain and increasing your ability to connect sexually with your partner and yourself.

1 – Lengthen the foreplay

Since vaginal dryness is a symptom of dyspareunia and it’s very difficult for any woman to enjoy sex without being thoroughly lubricated, the first thing you may want to try is making more time for foreplay. Research reveals that if a woman participates in foreplay for 20-25 minutes, it significantly increases the chances of her not only savouring sex but climaxing too.

lengthen the foreplay for pcos sex pain

2 – Make your own lubricant

If you’re needing more lubrication due to hormonal imbalances or being (pre)menopausal, apply some of your own to where you need it. You can purchase lubricant at your local pharmacy or you can make your own (which is cheaper and healthier). Click here to check out one of our favourite recipes.

pcos and lubrication

3 – Switch up the positions

In a perfect world, there would be no discomfort in any sexual position. But the truth is that not all sexual positions are created equal, especially for women who have dyspareunia.

To figure out which ones are most comfortable for you, it’s a matter of trial and error. However, some positions that you may want to try include putting a pillow underneath your waist while in the missionary position (for easier entry); being on top (you’ll have more control of your body and your partner’s); spooning; sitting on a table and locking your legs around your partner’s waist (for “less” penetration) and the “69” position (mutual oral sex which is another great way to stimulate lubrication).

pcos and painful sex

4 – Participate in pelvic floor physiotherapy

Sometimes dyspareunia is both physical and psychological; especially if you’ve spent a long period of time suffering in silence. If that is the case, you might want to try signing up for a pelvic floor physiotherapy class. It’s a type of therapy that focuses on your pelvic and vaginal region that helps your body to relax in tight areas and strengthen any weakness (pelvic floor massages may be involved too).

pelvic floor for painful sex

5 – Take some supplements

Another method that you may want to try is adding some natural supplements to your diet. Some of our favourites include Vitamin D (it helps to develop your ovary’s follicles); flaxseed (to lower the testosterone levels in your blood); spearmint (it increases oestrogen and lowers testosterone in the body); maca root (it balances out your hormones) and vitex which has the reputation for being a “fertility super herb”.

vitex in pcos

Although dyspareunia is can be a complex issue, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and is (usually) easily treated.

Life is too short to not enjoy great sex. If you have dyspareunia, hopefully, this article will get you one step closer to having some!

Guest author: Shellie R. Warren

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