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Are you ready to stop struggling with infertility, overweight & obesity, PCOS?

PCOS natural treatments are not only possible, they are the leading scientifically proven approach, whether you’ve just been diagnosed, or had a lifetime of suffering!

Below you’ll find the programs, resources and PCOS-specific help you need to conquer your PCOS signs and symptoms and live a healthier life you love.

PCOS Programs

If you are struggling with infertility, miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage…

If you’re tired of trying to lose weight and failing…

If you’re ready to conquer your PCOS signs and symptoms and take back control of your health and life…

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From PCOS To Pregnancy Program

pcos to pregnancy - webIf you are one of the many women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome who struggles with infertility, miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage, if you’ve tried almost everything to conceive a child unsuccessfully, you are not alone.

In this comprehensive, easy-to-follow program, you’ll discover proven strategies to significantly boost your chances of not only conceiving your baby but experiencing a healthy PCOS pregnancy and a safe birth.

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The PCOS Weight Loss Program

successful pcos weight loss - webFeel fat? Struggle to lose weight and to keep it off? The vast majority of women with PCOS suffer from overweight or obesity. Excessive fat is caused by PCOS and it’s not your fault!

Discover the scientific secrets that have helped me lose 26kg (that’s 57pounds) and keep it off for years, and helped other sufferers to achieve the body they’ve always wanted too.
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Conquer Your PCOS – The 12-Week Intensive

woman-ipad-webDiscover how to naturally boost your fertility, regain your period, shift your unwanted fat and feel sexy and beautiful again, in this comprehensive, all-inclusive 12-week program.

Uncover success whilst learning in the comfort of your own home! This course has created babies, caused countless kilos to be lost, boosted energy levels and helped women from around the globe to regain control of their health and their lives!

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Consciously Conceive Your Baby – The Retreat

fertility wellness breakthrough - web

This is the perfect pregnancy preparation for couples or single women who want to have a baby and finally become or extend their family…

Immerse yourself for 5 nights/6 days to unlock your fertility power and enjoy the journey to parenthood.

Relationship and fertility coach, Helen Zee will guide your journey with love, expertise, and care.

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PCOS Store

Finally, a store created specifically to fulfill the needs of women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, all in one handy place. Empowering and transformational PCOS specific resources, supplements, books and more.

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PCOS Consulting

Do you need tailored help?

Not sure where to turn or who to trust? Unable to find the answers you need? PCOS is poorly understood in the mainstream and wider communities.

If you’d benefit from personalised care, Dr. Rebecca Harwin is ‘The PCOS Expert’. Discover how to regain your period, naturally boost your fertility, lose unwanted fat and address your PCOS signs and symptoms with tailored and supportive one-on-one consultations.

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Success Stories

Explore the success stories of women with PCOS – just like you – who’ve successfully lost stubborn weight, become pregnant and given birth to healthy babies, reduced excessive unwanted hair, eliminated embarrassing acne and improved their PCOS signs and symptoms!

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