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Sugar and PCOS

The Deadly Flip Side Of Sweetness – Are You Insulin Resistant Too? Dr Rebecca Harwin gives us the low down on the sweet stuff!

The stats tell a different story. According to the Green Pool report, the average Australian mere mortal consumes 41.97 kilos of sugar per year. That’s a lot of bread rolls, white crusts, pasta and sweets, and less obvious foods too. Insulin works as a virtual chauffeur, to escort excess blood sugar from our blood and […]

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The Trouble Diagnosing PCOS Is…

Often women who come to see me in clinic tell me it took them years, and many health professionals, to finally receive a diagnosis of PCOS. Years of struggling. Years of heartache. Years of knowing something was wrong, but often being led to believe that their signs and symptoms were all in their head, or […]

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This little nutrient can help women with PCOS insulin resistance and pain

I look after many women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and there are many common complaints… I am insulin resistance. My blood sugars drop and I feel so tired. I am in pain. I have cramping. I suffer from high blood pressure, constipation, palpitations, high cholesterol, too much inflammation, restless legs syndrome, anxiety and depression. Could […]

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