Slender Women With PCOS? Absolutely! Find Out More Here.

Are You A Slender Woman With PCOS?


It’s less common than in those who are overweight, but it certainly does happen and it is vitally important you know what to do.


This video reveals some common issues in slender women with PCOS and where you can find information you MUST know.


For those of you who prefer to read, the transcript is below:


“Hi, this is Dr. Rebecca Harwin from and


Today I wanted to talk about slender women with PCOS because often the average woman with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is overweight and slender women are quite overlooked. Often they’re told they can’t have PCOS because they’re slim.  But what we know is women who are slender have insulin resistance equivalent to that of people with Diabetes. So even though you’re slender, you certainly can have insulin resistance and need to be tested for it.


The other thing we’ve found is that women with PCOS who are slender still tend to carry more of their weight as fat, when compared to women of the same size who don’t have PCOS.


So the approaches that I recommend regarding lifestyle, sleep, particularly stress for slender women, this is often a big issue, and what you eat and don’t eat are still relevant.  It just means that you may need to obviously eat more than someone who is looking to lose weight. So all the strategies recommended here and on my websites are still relevant for you and can help you boost your fertility, help with acne, things like excessive hair growth as well.


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