8 Top Tips To Conquer Your PCOS Cravings!

Cravings… do you struggle with them?

Many women with PCOS do. Whether it’s through being an emotional eater or because of insulin resistance and accompanying blood sugar drops, cravings can make it super hard to lose weight and keep it off!

The great thing is that PCOS cravings can be helped quite quickly!

PCOS Cravings

How to conquer your PCOS cravings!

8 Top Tips To Conquer Your PCOS Cravings!

There are many strategies that can really help here, ones that I’ve used successfully to help patients and myself. Kicking the craving habit makes a world of difference, I can tell you. Here are my top 8 tips to help you take back control of your eating and your waist line…

1) Identify your triggers and then put in place ways to avoid/reduce/address them

2) Go for a 10 minute walk when they hit

3) Make sure you are hydrated. Plus, try drinking a glass of water before you consume what you are craving

4) Begin meditation or some other form of stress relief

5) Low GI/GL, natural food plans REALLY help. A week or so on this type of eating plan and you should notice your cravings significantly reduce – even completely disappear

6) Get sufficient sleep

7) See a counsellor if stress or anxiety contribute to your cravings

8) Eat regularly and include protein with every meal

It is possible to quash your cravings. I’ve watched so many people achieve this. And the weight off both your mind and your body is amazing. My husband keeps chocolate digestive biscuits permanently in the house – they are his little indulgence. I don’t eat them and do not even feel tempted to. It’s wonderful!

Need more help?

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To kicking PCOS cravings to the curb!

From PCOS to pregnancy, with love,
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Dr. Rebecca Harwin
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P.S. Feel overwhelmed? Just implement one strategy at a time. As one of my colleagues says, ‘You can’t sprint a marathon’ 🙂

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