Nutritional Deficiencies Appear (Devastating and) Common In PCOS

I’ve seen so many nutrient deficiencies in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and there is more research coming out finding links between the two. Whether it’s medication induced, because of poor food choices due to cravings or lifestyle, or because as many experts believe – myself included – our soils are less nutrient rich that they once were, it’s having an impact!

Let’s take a look at what you can do.


Good morning. It’s Dr. Rebecca Harwin here and today I wanted to talk about nutritional deficiencies. I’ve seen thousands and thousands of patients and this is one of the most common problems I’ve seen, and it can affect the function of basically every cell in your body. I also see people come in and they’re taking many, many supplements, like 12-14, and sometimes I’ve taken x-rays of their spine and still seen the capsules or the tablets in their stomach. If they’re still in the digestive tract, it means they’re not being broken down, and if they’re not broken down, they’re not absorbed, and that means they’re not having any effect on your health. I wanted to talk to you today about a nutritional system that I’ve found that is amazing.


I’ve been looking basically my whole entire career, which is embarrassingly a fairly long time now, for a system that is liquid based, so that it’s easy to absorb, that contains food ingredients, not synthetics, so again, it’s easier to absorb, and much healthier for your body, that is also containing organic ingredients which are really important because that lowers toxicity that means that the nutrients that you actually eat stay in your body, and don’t have to be used to get rid of the toxicity.

The nutrition system I have found has only 3 products, which is incredible. 3 products that contain basically everything you need and that’s it.

The first product is liquid based, as I said. It’s also containing all the water soluble nutrients that you need. It’s chock-full of great foods like kale and broccoli, and really importantly, blueberries, which have been shown to be some of the most potent antioxidants, particularly wild blueberries, that exist.

This product does 2 things. It gives you all the nutrients that you need from a water soluble perspective, but it also contains potent antioxidants. You’ve probably heard of free radicals, and they really damage our bodies, so having potent antioxidants helps to get rid of the toxic onslaught that we have coming our way everyday.

The second product is something that increases nitric oxide production in our body. Now, nitric oxide is such an important element that it won its discoverers the Nobel Prize in 1998. This product is up to 98% absorbable, so it’s really, really potent, and it helps to protect, heal every cell in our body and increase the function as well. It also helps to distribute the other 2 products so that they get where they need to go in your body.


The third product is a fresh fish based fish oil. Now, most fish oils come from farm fish and this is not ideal so they lose some of their omega 3s and some of the benefits to your body. It also contains tocotrienols which are the most potent form of vitamin E that exists, and it’s normally not in any vitamin E supplements because it’s harder to get, and it’s more expensive, but it really has amazing benefits for your body.

If you want to know any more about this nutrient system, just contact me ( I’d love to talk to you about it because I’ve never seen anything like this before on the market.

I’ll chat to you soon. Bye.








Dr Rebecca Harwin
The PCOS Expert
Chiropractor, Nutritionist, PCOS Author

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