Hot Yoga Towel Will Improve Your Practice, Comfort, Grip… And Potentially Your PCOS

My love affair with Yoga started several years back. I remember my very first class, with my whole family, and my older but extremely flexible and calm instructor. We, my Mother, my Father, my brother, my sister and myself, all flexed forward into downward dog, questioning how it was physically possible to keep our heels on the ground, not to mention appear stylish and composed! It was only when I began going to Yoga two times a week that I discovered length, balance and endurance that I never knew my body– and mind– had.

That’s when the infatuation truly started.

Through my Iyengar practice, I came to comprehend the value of Yoga equipment, and the benefits of these pieces of equipment to improve and support my practice. A terrific towel to give me much better grip, much better security, and to gobble the sweat that made my mat slippery, have been a Godsend. I can stop stressing that my warrior pose will certainly become a hurt warrior, or that my tree pose will certainly get sliced down by an unexpected slip or lapse of concentration.

So when I discovered The Yoga Towel Experts Ultimate Hot Yoga Towel, I had to share a review and a rave. This thing sticks! It’s got comfortable little silicone nubs that securely stick you to your mat. And if you have no mat, no fears. They grip the ground and can be used as a travel mat, when needed. And the 500 gram weight material is a greater quality than other towels, and has a premium feel and convenience level that lower towel weights just don’t have. I’d definitely suggest inspecting the gram weight out before you buy a Yoga towel.

And I tend to sweat a bit as I posture and weave my way through out a class.

The microfiber material sucks up the sweat, so I feel comfortable and safe. And speaking of safe, I hate when you go to a Yoga class and need to use a generic mat. Those little bacteria and other individuals’s left bugs … ick! My Yoga towel protects me from each one of this!

And I can take it to Pilates, or swimming, or gym… This baby comes everywhere with me.

Yes, I know, I’m ranting!

However when I suddenly find something that not only offers the best quality, at a very competitive cost, I have to share!

And because they also include Yoga gifts to ensure you get the most out of your Yoga and Yoga towel, well, that gets me raving even more! Yes, they even include a carry pouch (mesh, so it’s breaths), a digital book as a present, 3 lovely Yoga motivated desktop pictures and a discount rate. Wish to discover more? Keep reading.

The Yoga Towel Experts are on Amazon. This is huge. I’m a big Amazon fan, due to the fact that they guarantee quick shipment, great service, an easy transaction and ensure that you are very pleased with your product. And if you’re not? You get a cash back warranty. And The Yoga Towel Experts company seems definitely determined to make sure you are more than pleased– blown after in fact– due to the fact that their customer care is some of the best I have actually experienced.

To top that off, they likewise provided responses to their most asked questions, gave some great ideas and support on means to use your towel to help your body that I didn’t even know.

Needless to say, I’m in love! The towel is extraordinary and I just know you’re going to love it too!


The Ultimate Hot Yoga Towel is created for Yoga enthusiasts, much like you. With …


A skidless hot yoga towel is a have to have for newbies to professionals. But not all yoga towels for hot yoga are made equally. For great grip, silicone nubs are had to prevent slip injuries. That’s why we have actually consisted of high quality grippy nubs on our towels.


Our premium microfiber material powerfully takes in sweat like a giant sponge, while staying soft and comfy, with our quickdry innovation.


Our quality Yoga mat towel provides a hygienic barrier between you and the Yoga mat. Great for staying clear of sweat and bacteria left by others in previous sessions, and to lower the need to continuously clean down and wear out your Bikram Yoga mat. Merely air dry, and throw it in the wash when needed. Hands down the very best Yoga towel out there!

The Very Best QUALITY YOGA TOWEL ON AMAZON You’ll fall in love, with premium quality 500-gram weight microfiber material, nonslip nubs and the best Yoga mat fit – 72 x 24 inches (183 x 61cm). We have actually even consisted of the best mesh carry bag.



Hey, we understand there are individuals out there selling Yoga towels for cheaper costs. You may be seduced to buy from them, however be wary as you may simply get exactly what you pay for. See to it your Yoga towel is 500 gram weight, for hardwearing, long lasting and extreme absorbency, with silicone nubs for a non slipsafe grip.

Get 2 or more! They make wonderful presents!

Check it out here 🙂

Dr. Rebecca Harwin
The PCOS Expert
Nutritionist, PCOS Author, Chiropractor

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