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Dr Rebecca Harwin – Who Is She Anyway?

Life gets so busy with all things PCOS; writing article, blog posts, tweets and Facebook , there YouTube and interviews, patients and businesses to run, that I sometimes forget that I need to introduce myself to our new community members. For this, I am sorry. Someone asked me recently, ‘Are you a Naturopath’ and I […]

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A Little Chocolate Hard To Resist? Why PCOS Chocolate Cravings Occur

If your relationship with chocolate is less than healthy, and you need to do something about your PCOS chocolate cravings, the best place to start is to identify what’s driving these cravings. Otherwise, you are fighting a losing battle.   There are 3 main reasons for PCOS chocolate cravings that I see commonly in clinic. By identifying […]

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All The O-mazing Reasons!

Everyone has that one friend that can turn any conversation into something dirty. Hi, My name is Tiffany and I’m THAT friend. Like most women with PCOS I have battled with depression and anxiety. I was always handed a prescription, advised to relax and try Yoga. Well, I don’t like Yoga. But I did find […]

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