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Sugar and PCOS

The Deadly Flip Side Of Sweetness – Are You Insulin Resistant Too? Dr Rebecca Harwin gives us the low down on the sweet stuff!

The stats tell a different story. According to the Green Pool report, the average Australian mere mortal consumes 41.97 kilos of sugar per year. That’s a lot of bread rolls, white crusts, pasta and sweets, and less obvious foods too. Insulin works as a virtual chauffeur, to escort excess blood sugar from our blood and […]

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The #1 common food causing and aggravating your PCOS signs and symptoms?

There is so much talk about this common food. This ‘nutrient’ has been strongly linked to Diabetes, fatigue, cancer, digestive issues, heart disease… the list of potentially deadly effects is almost endless.  And as far as PCOS signs and symptoms go… It both causes and aggravates this common syndrome and it’s  physical, emotional, mental and […]

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How To Correctly Test For Insulin Resistance In PCOS

You have PCOS – or suspect you do. You’ve got the signs and symptoms, like trouble losing weight (although you can gain it by simply looking sideways at a bun or cake!), PCOS and infertility, acne, excessive hair growth, tiredness and mood swings as great a the immense tidal rivers in far north Australia. But […]

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PCOS And Insulin Resistance

Most women with PCOS suffer from insulin resistance. Insulin is a really important hormone. Amongst other duties, it takes the sugar from our blood and into our cells. When we eat lots of sugar, we produce more insulin. If the cycle continues, we end up with more insulin being produced – called hyperinsulinemia. Eventually, our […]

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