Are You Suffering From Yeast Infection (or thrush) and PCOS?

Women with PCOS often have what’s called ‘a leaky gut’. So much so that I talk about this in detail in my book ‘Conquer Your PCOS Naturally’.

This can contribute to obesity, pain, inflammation, bloating, an imbalance in the bugs in your guts, excessive oestrogen, thrush (candida, or ‘yeast’) and more.

This change in your gut function can cause a yeast infection.

Women with yeast infections can experience:

 vaginal and oral yeast infections
 digestive disorders and allergies

 fatigue and muscle aches
 brain fog
 painful sex
 embarrassing itching in private places
 painful sex
 mood problems
 (o)estrogen dominance
 a change in hormone balance
 insulin resistance
 weight gain
 so much more…

There are crucial steps you can take to conquer your yeast infection. Reducing stress, taking your time to eat your meals, adding in certain probiotics and prebiotics, eliminating certain foods from your food plan, and adding others. You don’t need to suffer with this problem!

The current medical ‘treatments’ don’t address the underlying cause. This means that thrush can recur again and again. You really need to get to the root of the cause to beat the problem.

This great book ‘Yeast Infection No More’ discusses in detail how you can overcome this significant health problem, reduce – or eliminate – your sign and symptoms, and regain your health.

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