7 Tips To Avoid The PCOS Mid-Afternoon Energy Slump

Want To Motor Through the Day Full of Vitality?

We’ve probably all been there…you’re moving right along with your day’s agenda and then wham!…’re suddenly overcome by fatigue and would like nothing better than to stretch out some place for a nice, long nap.

Can we possibly be at our very best under these circumstances? Of course not. Nobody is able to give 100% and be truly alert with a razor sharp focus when all of their energy is going toward merely keeping their eyes open.

So, what can you do to avoid this mid-afternoon energy slump? Here are 7 tips to help you prevent that dreaded crash…

1. Get up and move!
Indulging in even a few minutes of light exercise can ward off an energy slump. Movement of your spine – (which increases something called ‘proprioception’) energises your brain! If you can, try jogging on the spot for 30 seconds. You might try walking briskly up and down the halls at work. It doesn’t much matter so much what you do, just that you move!

2. Notice the time you are most prone an energy slump. Keep a log and jot down when you start to feel really tired and drained of energy. This is likely to occur at approximately the same time every day, provided you eat lunch at about the same time every day. Once you determine when your slump will probably hit, ward it off by moving around, having a glass of water and eating a small healthy snack, such as some almonds.

3. Take a break before you experience your slump. This can be tremendously effective.

4. Be aware – what you eat for breakfast and lunch may be the slump-triggering culprit. Many of us grab a sandwich for lunch, after toast or cereal for breakfast. The fact is that a sandwich made with white bread (or bun), or high sugar cereals, will cause your body to have a sugar surge that leads to a release of insulin. The problem is that the higher the spike of blood sugar, the more likely your body is to overcompensate two or three hours later, causing low blood sugar and that awful mid-afternoon slump. Try having a protein lunch with some leafy greens, such as a grilled chicken strip salad or an omelette with salad. Avoid excessive refined carbs and help you avoid the dreaded slump!

5. B vitamins, and insulin sensitising supplements like chromium, magnesium and fish oil, can be helpful in keeping your energy level on an even keel.

6. This may seem like a no-brainer, but be sure to get a restful night’s sleep. If your body is suffering from sleep deprivation, you are much more likely to experience a slump midway through the afternoon. So, try to ensure you get enough sleep at night.

7.) A Word Of Warning. Caffeine can be quite helpful in picking you up from a mid afternoon slump. However, using stimulants to boost your energy is not a good habit to cultivate. If you drink too much caffeine – other than the other affects on your body – it may interfere with your sleep. This can create a vicious circle, as not enough sleep may cause an afternoon slump, and so on.

If you suffer from mid-afternoon slumps, try these techniques to help you motor through your day!

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