6 Simple Steps To Address Your PCOS Depression

There is a significant amount of research to indicate that women with PCOS face increased risks for mood disorders like depression and anxiety, and with these challenges having profound effects on health, I believe it should be one of the issues screened for on, and following, diagnosis of this common syndrome.

If you face these challenges, read on. I share some simple, powerful tips in my video below.

Let’s take a quite look at the research:

56.6% of women were found to have mood disorders (The overall prevalence of depression was 40%, 11.6% with anxiety syndromes and 23.3% with binge eating disorder.”

“Women with PCOS are at an increased risk for abnormal depression scores.

“Women with PCOS have increased anxiety, depression, and negative body image compared with women without PCOS.”

The good news, in amongst these challenges, is that we know there are simple strategies that can naturally promote a happier, healthier mood.

“It’s Dr. Rebecca Harwin here.

I wanted to talk about depression because depression is quite common in PCOS, and we know that our rates are higher than the average population

Professor Irvin Kirsch has done some wonderful work in this area and what he found was that there are some things that work better than antidepressants, which only work as well as placebo. These things were being outside, exercising – so you can do those two things together obviously – and counseling or some kind of psychotherapy. Now this can take awhile, but it’s really worth doing.

I also attended a conference, an ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) conference, a while ago where this was a focus area and they found that B-6, zinc and omega 3s together worked really, really well. The only proviso is that if you have something called pyrrole disorder, which is often indicated by someone who has a split second temper, like traveling along fine and then all the sudden something tiny will happen and they respond not so appropriately. (Find out more about pyrrole disorder in my article Explosive temper? Acne? Addiction? Pyrrole and PCOS) If you do have this disorder, it’s better for you to take a flaxseed, as opposed to a fish, oil.

I hope this helps and I’ll catch you later. Have a great day. Bye.”

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