5 Tips to Keep Your PCOS Body in Shape

Have you ever thought about some ways to challenge yourself, to get out of your comfort zone and really take on  some body and soul expanding, personal growth, while testing your body’s limits?

Anna Sue shares her thoughts with us about some unusual and fun ways to boost your fitness, and reconnect to life!

Adam Hargreaves, in Mr. Lazy’s Guide to Fitness, once said “Getting fit is all about mind over matter. I don’t mind, so it doesn’t matter.” This statement is may seem funny, until it starts to backfire on us.

We need to realise… We must exercise and stay active to live healthy lives.

Naturally, many of us have schedules that are too tight and hectic, that squeezing in 30 minutes to an hour of exercise can feel difficult to almost impossible. However, for a longer and healthier lifespan it is important for us to engage in physical activity regularly. Sometimes exercise can seem boring, but fortunately, if we have engage a little spark of creativity, there are ways to keep our body in shape and have fun at the same time. The element of fun is essential because if we are having fun, we look forward engaging in the activity again, and we forget the length of time we spend doing it.

To help you start, or really step up, your  healthy lifestyle journey to conquering your PCOS signs and symptoms, try the below 5 tips to keep your body in shape. These are a little ‘out there’ to whet your appetite for the adventurous, because we want you to think outside the square. To consider options you may not have thought about, and to help you uncover your passion for fun fitness!

Let us know what you think…

Number 1. Engage in MMA. Mixed Martial Arts, otherwise known as MMA is a full contact sports that incorporates grappling as well as striking. It is an incredible sport that burns a whole lot of calories, encourages fast and agile body movement as well as working in. People who are into Mixed Martial Arts use open-fingered gloves in order for them to protect their hands when engaged in combat. Aside from the purpose of protection, the players are also encouraged to wear gloves so that they would use their hands more when fighting.

Martial arts PCOS

Number 2. Have Some Helping of Paragliding. An incredibly fun recreational activity, paragliding is for people with adventurous hearts. It uses a lightweight aircraft made of fabric wings, a harness and cells. The structure of the aircraft allows little restriction and aerodynamics keep it afloat. Even in the absence of an engine, the aircraft’s design allows it to last long thereby taking flyers across the landscape for longer hours. With more and better skills, flyers can choose to climb higher altitudes or go lower. But the best part of this extreme sport is the fact that flyers get to burn as much as over 500 calories per hour!

Number 3. Explore the World of Scuba Diving. If you want to do something fun but uncommon and at the same time stay fit, you should try scuba diving. In scuba diving, you get to explore underwater sceneries and discover amazing marine life! People basically scuba dive for many reasons and these reasons can be recreational, commercial, military or technical. People of varying ages can scuba dive. Even those with physical limitations can enjoy this activity because there are professional scuba divers who know how to assist and train those with physical disabilities so that they, themselves, could engage in scuba diving.

Number 4. Do Some Sexy Pole Dancing. More and more people, particularly women, now engage in pole dancing. It is a fun way to exercise. It includes the use of a pole that you could claim as your own. You also need to wear clothes that can help you have a grip on the pole such as shorts and a sports bra. You see, the more skin you bare, the better is your pole grip. Before you engage in pole dancing though, you need to stretch because you do not want to get hurt. Stretching, thus, prepares your muscles such as your hamstrings for the activity.

Pole dancing PCOS

Number 5. Have Fun Figure Skating. Some people think and believe that figure skating is only for the elite. However, this is not true. Figure skating is a sport wherein skaters perform freestyle movement and do these really gracefully. Of course it takes a lot of training to master the art of figure skating, but the thing about this specific physical activity is that by nature, it is very pleasant and enjoyable. So even if it takes a lot of training, it still would be worth a lot of your effort and time.

So there you have it, five challenging PCOS body fitness tips that can really help you keep your body in shape in a fun way! Now that you know what they are, which one do you want to try out?

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